Equine America - Buteless High Strength Paste 3 x 10ml

Equine America - Buteless High Strength Paste 3 x 10ml
Nr. EA258C-UK
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Buteless High Strength

Buteless® High Strength (THIS IS NOT PHENYLBUTAZONE) is a natural and palatable formulation of bromelain extracts, that can be used in the short or long term without concerns of side effects. This product can also be used for horses in competition.

Buteless® High Strength can be used alone or in combination with Cortaflex® on a long term basis or for additional support for the older horse. Buteless® was found to be the most effective natural alternative in a study conducted by the highly respected USA field testing magazine The Horse Journal. Since the study, the Buteless® formula has been updated and improved.

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Additional Information

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