Owl Manor Veterinary

Owl Manor Veterinary

Owl Manor Veterinary is a medical device company dedicated to joint preservation and advanced wound care treatment of companion animals (equine and canine). Owl Manor Veterinary is committed to innovative, effective, and efficient treatment through a combination of regenerative medicine, point-of-care autologous biologics, and complimentary technologies.

Tim Ober, DVM, Gordonsville, VA (USA)

“ACT-PRP is a unique product in a marketplace full of other systems similar to each other but not similar to this particular PRP system. Pro-Stride is a novel biologic / regenerative joint therapy for horses that represents a significant advancement over other commercial regenerative joint therapies. The Owl Manor Veterinary products allow us to progress in the quality of our practice and help horses in a better way. Pro-Stride is a unique, drug free therapy. 

We are still using “conventional treatment” for joints, but the Pro-Stride gives us an often better option for healing and represents the future direction of joint therapy in horses.”

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