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Bonutron start 15 ml ( 3 Pack )

Expiry date:

Supplementary animal feed

Complementary feed, new-born foal protection and vitality.

Growth and vitality for the very young foal.

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New-born foal protection and vitality. Additional nutrition to newborn foals, whose development and digestive balance must be closely monitored.

With 17 nutrients, Bonutron Start is the ideal formula for supporting young foals in their first weeks of life. This unique formula contains vitamins A and D3, plus high concentrations of copper and zinc, rounded off with plants.

More Information
Registration numberSupplement
Chilled itemNo
Target speciesHorse
Route of administrationOral
Withdrawal period0 days
Expiry dateFeb 28, 2023
Units per outer box3

Average daily intake (1 syringe):

Vitamin A: 105,000 IU

Vitamin D3 6750 IU

Vitamin E: 150 mg

Vitamin C: 33 mg

Choline: 330 mg

Lysine: 495 mg

Methionine: 330 mg

Vitamin B1: 52 mg

Vitamin B2: 68 mg

Niacin: 165 mg

Pantothenic acid: 83 mg

Vitamin B6: 17 mg

Vitamin B12: 0.002 μg

Iron: 33 mg

Copper: 5.3 mg

Zinc: 16.5 mg

Selenium: 0.1 mg

Sage (Salvia officinalis - EO): 600 mg

Instructions for use

Nutritional support adapted to the needs of the very young foal.

Daily allowance: Put a full syringe into the foal’s mouth from birth. Give 3 syringes the first week (D1, D3 and D7). If required, give one syringe per week during 2 months. For reluctant foals, Bonutron Start, thanks to its gel texture, can be applied to the mare’s teats.

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