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Bonpard Non-Obesitas 20kg

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Healthy supplement aimed at horses in need of losing weight.
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Bonpard Non-obesitas
Bonpard Non-Obesitas is ideal for horses with an excessive body condition score that need to lose weight in a healthy way. It contains all the nutrients the horse needs and yet delivers 25-30% less energy. 


  • Very low starch and carbohydrate content
  • High vitamin, mineral, and trace element content
  • Contains high quality protein to help maintain muscle mass

A healthy weight-loss diet
Bonpard Non-Obesitas is a specially formulated diet that has been designed to aid horses lose weight while providing all necessary nutrients. It should be combined with high-fibre, low-energy forage. In order to make horses lose weight they need to consume less energy than they expend. This can be achieved by providing low-energy feed and more exercise. Weight loss is accelerated by exercise, both by the additional energy spent by the muscles during training and by the resulting increased metabolism. A horse which is not being exercised will be thriftier with his energy and as a result it will take longer for him to reach his ideal weight. Losing weight is a long process, but the reward is an active, healthy horse. 

Bonpard Non-Obesitas has a high protein, mineral and vitamin content. In the right dosage it covers all nutritional needs your horse has and therefore prevents muscle wastage and decreased immunity due to nutrient deficiency during the weight loss process.


NB. If you order six bags or more, your order will become a pallet delivery. Please keep in mind that delivery can then take a day longer, meaning your order will be delivered 2 days after you place it, and not the next day. If you need certain items the next day we advise that you place two separate orders.

Bonpard Non-Obesitas contains the following ingredients:

  • Lucerne
  • Oatmeal pellets
  • Soy pellets
  • Wheat grits
  • Coarse Lucerne
  • Molashine
  • Vitamins and minerals

Nutritional analysis:

  • 16% crude protein
  • 2.5% crude fat
  • 22% crude fibre
  • 11% crude ash
  • 8.5% starch
  • 3.6% sugar
  • 13% calcium
  • 6% phosphorus

Additives per kg:

  • 12879 IE vitamin A
  • 2300 IE vitamin D
  • 536 mg vitamin E
  • 57 mg copper
  • 0.89 mg selenium
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