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Bonpard Motility 20kg

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Supplement to support horses with chronic digestive disturbances of the small intestine.
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Bonpard Motility

Bonpard Motility is suitable for horses with a history of colic caused by impactions, insufficient gut motility and slow intestinal passage. Bonpard Motility stimulates digestion and smooth transit through the entire gastrointestinal tract. This helps to prevent impaction colic.  


  • Processed raw materials
  • Optimal digestibility
  • Rich in specially selected fibres
  • Contains live yeast

Bonpard Motility has been specially developed for horses with recurrent colic caused by impactions or hard faeces. The composition of Bonpard Motility stimulates the smooth passage and good digestibility in the small intestine. The selected fibres facilitate bowel movements and improve the fermentation process. This allows food to pass through unhindered and helps to prevent impactions. Bonpard motility also contains fibres that have the capacity to bind water (alfalfa), preventing the intestinal contents from becoming too dry. Moist intestinal contents are less prone to cause blockages and impactions.

The bran content in Bonpard Motility stimulates gut peristalsis and thereby also the appropriate mixing of food with digestive enzymes. Barley, oat, and corn flakes are easily digested in the small intestine. The addition of live yeast (Yeasacc®) helps to digest fibre in the large intestine and caecum. Efficient digestion in these parts of the gut contribute to the smooth transition of food through the whole intestinal system. Pectin fibres (from apple pulp) have been added to accelerate the fermentation process. Smooth, high quality roughage should also be provided. 

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Chilled itemNo
Target speciesHorse
Route of administrationOral
Expiry dateFeb 13, 2022
Units per outer box0

Bonpard Motility contains the following ingredients:

  • Gelatinized barley flakes
  • Lucerne
  • Gelatinized oat flakes
  • Wheat bran
  • Wheat grits
  • Oatmeal pellets
  • Dried apple pulp
  • Molashine
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Gelatinized corn flakes
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Yeasacc®

Nutritional analysis:

  • 11% crude protein
  • 6.5% crude fat
  • 12% crude fibre
  • 7% crude ash
  • 27% starch
  • 5% sugar
  • 0.9% calcium
  • 0.6% phosphorus

Additives per kg:

  • 6400 IE vitamin A
  • 1440 IE vitamin D
  • 420 mg vitamin E
  • 42 mg copper
  • 204 mg zinc
  • 0.5 mg selenium
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