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Bonpard Mare and Foal 20kg

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Supplement for pregnant mares, lactating mares and foals under the age of 1.
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Bonpard Mare & Foal 
Bonpard Mare & Foal offers the ideal concentrate feed that provides everything needed by both the mare and the foal, with the added advantage of having to feed only one type of pellet. It provides all the necessary nutrients for the growing foal and everything the mare needs to produce both colostrum and milk.     


  • High fat and protein content and low sugar and starch content
  • Optimal amino acid composition
  • High protein, copper, vitamin E and selenium content

Healthy breeding
Pregnant and lactating mares and young foals have similar nutritional needs, but have very different dietary needs compared to other groups of horses. Foals are particularly susceptible to health issues, some of which even begin before birth. Mares that are fed optimally are able to produce high quality colostrum and sufficient milk, and additionally remain in better health throughout pregnancy and lactation.   

Bonpard Mare & Foal contains high amounts of protein, copper, vitamin E and selenium. This muesli also contains the right amino acids in optimal proportions. This is important for the correct development of bones, joints and muscles, and for a healthy milk production. 


NB. If you order six bags or more, your order will become a pallet delivery. Please keep in mind that delivery can then take a day longer, meaning your order will be delivered 2 days after you place it, and not the next day. If you need certain items the next day we advise that you place two separate orders.

More Information
Chilled itemNo
Target speciesHorse
Route of administrationOral
Expiry dateDec 8, 2021
Units per outer box0

Bonpard Mare & Foal contains the following ingredients:

  • Lucerne
  • Gelatinized barley flakes
  • Soy pellets
  • Oatmeal pellets
  • Sunflower oil
  • Wheat grits
  • Toasted soy beans
  • Gelatinized corn flakes
  • Gelatinized oat flakes
  • Wheat bran
  • Molashine
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Biolys

Nutritional analysis:

  • 17% crude protein
  • 12% crude fat
  • 10% crude fibre
  • 10% crude ash
  • 18% starch
  • 5% sugar
  • 11g lysine
  • 1.6% calcium
  • 1.0% phosphorus

Additives per kg:

  • 10000 IE vitamin A
  • 1500 IE vitamin D
  • 450 mg vitamin E
  • 57 mg copper
  • 152 mg zinc
  • 0.7 mg selenium
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