Audevard - Biotinum 900g

Audevard - Biotinum 900g
Nr. E219
For a shiny coat and strong hooves, use Biotinum daily. Read more


Biotinum: Hoof Quality and Strength

Hoof care is part of initial training for riders. While external care is important, hoof quality can be greatly improved by managing nutrition to promote rapid growth and a more solid hoof horn.

Biotinum is a dietary supplement formulated by Audevard Laboratories. It was designed to provide nutritional support for horses whose hooves are subjected to hard ground or whose hoof horn is brittle or damaged. Biotinum provides the nutrients needed to help create a strong and elastic horn as well as promote the growth and health of epithelial appendages (hooves, coat, and mane).


Biotin has been used for a long time to promote good quality hooves, but that term is actually used to describe several different forms of the vitamin. Of these different forms, only D-biotin promotes the growth of a horse’s horn and coat. Pure D-biotin is one of the major components of the new Biotinum. This ingredient, which was chosen for its quality, was combined with KERAPLEX®.

Exclusively available from Audevard, KERAPLEX® is a patented keratin complex. It provides the micronutrients needed for synthesizing keratin in hoof horn and hair, creating optimal synergy with the pure D-biotin. Each dose of Biotinum contains 20 mg of pure D-Biotin and 7.5 g of KERAPLEX®.

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