Bioestrovet inj 20ml

Bioestrovet contains cloprostenol, a synthetic F2 alpha type prostaglandin. Bioestrovet can be used to manipulate the oestrous cycle in cattle.
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Bioestrovet has the following indications:

  • Induction of luteolysis in order to resume oestrus and ovulation during dioestrus in cyclic cows
  • Oestrus synchronisation (within 2 to 5 days) in groups of cyclic cows which are treated at the same time
  • Treatment of pyometra and chronic endometritis related to a persistent corpus luteum
  • Treatment of ovarian luteal cysts
  • Induction of abortion up to day 150 of gestation
  • Expulsion of a mummified foetus
  • Induction of parturition 
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Nr. 443865
Registration number REG NL 118588
Brand Vetoquinol
Chilled No
Active Ingredient Cloprostenol
Target species Cattle
Legal status of supply UDA
Units per outer box 12
Ingredients Cloprostenol, chlorocresol, water for injection, sodium chloride, sodium citrate and citric acid.
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