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Biest sachet
Nr. PAV91611
Feed supplement containing vital antibodies for the first 48 hours Read more


Important characteristics

provides the newborn foal with protective antibodies against infection
helps the foal to build resistance and vitality in a natural way
reduces the risk of diarrhoea
long storage life
fast and easy to prepare


For motherless foals
For foals whose mother has insufficient or no colostrum
In case of a blood disease (Rhesus factor)

About Pavo Biest

Newborn foals lack antibodies against infection. It’s not until the foal is 3 to 5 weeks old that it produces enough of these antibodies itself. To bridge this gap healthily, it needs antibodies from the mare’s colostrum.

If a foal hasn’t received colostrum from its mother, or hasn’t had enough, it is vital to administer colostrum as quickly as possible in another way. Antibodies can pass through the intestinal wall only for the first day after birth. Uptake of antibodies is excellent within the first 12 hours after birth but falls to minimal levels after 24 hours. Pavo Colostrum is specially designed for this purpose.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU PAV91611
Tax Class 9%
Brand Pavo
Route of Administration Oral
Active Ingredient Colostrum
Target Species Foals