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Back Home - BioTec ISO transponders

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Box of 10 mini polymeric transponders suitable for all animal species.

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BackHome® Biotec Slim Transponder

The BackHome BioTec chip is approximately 10 mm long and has a diameter of less than 2 mm. Despite its miniaturisation, the scanning distance remains one of the best on the market (up to 25 cm). This new mini polymeric transponder (or new microchip) has a reduced diameter and is therefore implanted using a finer needle (just 2.0 mm in diameter, instead of 2.6 mm currently), thus improving the animal's welfare.
The safe unbreakable “BioTec” casing ensures that the chip fuses with the tissue and is not rejected by the body. Because the shell of the BackHome BioTec chip is unbreakable, it is safer than a chip in a (breakable) glass tube.

Unique code
The ISO chip has a unique identification code consisting of 15 digits. A pet chip (which is also used for horses) is an ISO chip of the FDX-B type; the chip functions in accordance with ISO standard 11784 (code structure) and ISO standard 11785 (technical concept). The identification code of a pet chip can start with the Dutch country code, this is the number '528'. The country code is followed by 3 digits that identify the chip manufacturer, followed by the other 9 digits. The total number of digits (15) forms the unique identification code of the animal, which cannot be changed or deleted. Therefore there can be no doubt about the identity of the animal.

One transponder for all animal species
The BackHome® Biotec Slim Transponder can be used with all target species already covered by the BackHome® system: dogs, cats, horses, exotic pets, wildlife.


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Expiry dateMay 31, 2026
Units per outer box1
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