Gelatinaat 5 kg Horse

Gelatinaat 5 kg Horse
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Primeval Gelatinaat is a unique nutritional supplement for maintaining healthy joints and strong bones of the horses. Gelatinaat can be used to support the musculoskeletal system. A daily dose Gelatinaat provides healthy joints and strong bones. Gelatinaat is an indispensable supplement for broodmares, growing foals, stallions, race- and sport horses.

Primeval Gelatinaat contains: Fortigel (collagen hydrolysate), Magnesium, Calcium and collagen (type II).

The recommended dose depends on the manner of use.
- Preventive for psort horses, older horses, pregnant or lactating mares, growing foals, yearlings, two year olds and stallions: daily 2 times 1 scoop (1 scoop = 22,5 g).
- For ponies up to 450 kg: daily 1 scoop.
- A double dose is recommended to support injuries to tendons, ligaments or joints or consult your veterinarian.
Gelatinaat is not suitable for consumption by ruminants.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 79001
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Ingredients PrimeVal Gelatinaat® Flexible joints and strong bones PrimeVal Gelatinaat® is a natural food supplement that contains the important nutrient gelatine hydrolysate for cartilage, bones and hooves. It improves the ‘lubrication’ of joints (nutrient-rich synovial fluid) and nourishes the cartilage. The Collagen type 2 in this product has an anti-inflammatory action. Result: your horse will have greater flexibility in its movements. PrimeVal Gelatinaat® can be used frequently and with great success in professional horse racing as well as recreational equestrian sports. PrimeVal Gelatinaat improves the horse’s resistance to injuries. In addition, PrimeVal has a marked effect on the mobility and flexibility of the horse’s gait. PrimeVal Gelatinaat® is also used in horse rearing to prevent and treat musculoskeletal problems. PrimeVal Gelatinaat® is suitable as a support for veterinarian treatment. * Overloaded and older horses * Sport horses * Studs * Foaling mares * Growing foals

Additional Information

Instructions for use PrimeVal Gelatinaat® Recommended daily dosis: PrimeVal Gelatinaat can easily be added to horse’ daily food. PrimeVal Gelatinaat is a nutritional supplement that can be used in combination with veterinary medicine and contains no forbidden substances. Fully grown horse (450-550 kg): 2-3 scoops daily (in work) 1-2 scoops daily (maintenance) If necessary increase dose to 4 scoops daily • Large warmbloods keep on 2-3 scoops • Pony (to 450 kg) 1-2 scoops daily (in work) 1 scoop (maintenance) Free of: doping and sugar