Equine America - Apple lytes Paste 2 x 15ml

Equine America Apple Lytes Pasta
Equine America - Apple lytes Paste 2 x 15ml
Nr. EA235

A special preparation of micro blended, fruit scented mineral salts to assist re-hydration and
replenish vital body fluids and electrolytes after strenuous exercise.

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Equine America Apple Lytes Paste 30 ml (2x 15 ml servings)

As horses work and sweat they lose vital electrolytes and mineral salts. At low levels these can be replaced with Sodium Chloride (salt) but, if the horse is in medium to hard work and sweating on a daily basis, an electrolyte supplement must be provided. Without electrolytes, the horse will feel lethargic, and a continuation of this loss is highly detrimental to the horse’s health.

Use Apple Lytes paste during competition to 'top up' the electrolytes being lost, with care also that the horse is also being fully hydrated.

Electrolytes should not be fed to a dehydrated horse - always ensure water has been ingested first, and that the horse has recovered from exercise.

Replaces essential electrolyte salts lost through sweating. Apple lyte paste is an electrolyte replacement product and should only be used once the horse is rehydrated.
Apple Lytes was formulated by Bruce Snipes, creator of Cortaflex, who pioneered the feeding of electrolytes to horses in the 1960’s.

By taking in to account exactly what electrolytes the horse loses through sweat, you can effectively provide adequate replacement and supplementation.

Electrolyte Replacement – DO
• Use a salt-based (Sodium Chloride) supplement.
• Feed granular electrolytes on a daily basis if the horse is sweating.
• Look for the key electrolytes as the ingredients – Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium and Copper.
• Feed high salt solutions to the horse before hydration.

Electrolyte Replacement – DON’T
• Use a supplement high in Dextrose.
• Feed liquid electrolytes as an electrolyte replacement.
• Be impressed with a long list of ingredients, they will not add any benefit to electrolyte replacement.

Route of administration
Into horse's mouth on the back of the tongue

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Additional Information

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