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Alfacaine 2% + adrenaline 100 ml

Alfasan Diergeneesmiddelen
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Lidocaine and Adrenaline solution for local anaesthesia
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Alfacaine 2% + adrenaline 100 ml


Per ml: lidocaine hydrochloride 20 mg and adrenaline 10 mcg


Local anesthetic for infiltration, superficial and epidural anesthesia

Dosage and administration

Parenteral administration, except intravenous injection

- Superficial anesthesia: injection around the site to be treated.
- Infiltration anesthesia:
Spermatic cord: dog 1-2 ml spermatic cord, cat 0.5 ml per spermatic cord
Skin and muscle: 1 ml per 5 kg per infiltration point (up to 12 mg of lidocaine hydrochloride per kg)
Epidural anesthesia: 1-5 ml per animal or 1ml per 5 kg or 1-1.5 ml per 10 cm of back length

Keep refrigerated (2-8 ÂșC)

Per ml: lidocaine HCl 20 mg and adrenaline 10 mg
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