Airways Xtra Strength Powder 500 g

Airways Xtra Strength Powder 500 g
Nr. EA219-UK
Encourages maximum airflow
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Equine America - Airways Xtra Strength Powder 500 g

To aid upper respiratory health and promote clear breathing.

Airways Xtra Strength Powder is ideal for any horse experiencing low level respiratory discomfort or discharge - e.g a 'snotty nose' and with irritation from dust in bedding and hay. Great for horses who suffer in the summer from the pollen and dust particles. For lower respiratory health or laboured breathing, complete a course of Coff-Less before maintaining on Airways Xtra Strength Powder or use Coff-Less permanently for long term concerns.

When administering?

Airways Xtra Strength Powder is ideal for any horse that mild respiratory discomfort or discharges (a 'brat') experience.

Then during the summer to horses that are sensitive to pollen and dust in the air or the arenas and then during the winter to put horses, for a long time stable and so are made to dust and spores. Expose

How does it work?

Airways Xtra Strength Powder contains extracts of oils and make the airway open.
The menthol vapors and not only dilate the airways, they soothe minor irritation and promote breathing deeply. Airways Xtra Strength Powder promotes the breakdown of nasal mucus and keeps the airway and the horse motivated.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Tax Class 9%
Brand Equine America
Target Species Horse
Units per outerbox 6
Quantity 500 gr

Additional Information

Instructions for use


For an average 500 kg horse, feed 14 grams daily with the horse's feed. Feed others according to bodyweight, less for smaller horses and ponies, more for larger breeds.