Pack 6 Myostem Mass 200 g

Pack 6 Myostem Mass 200 g
Nr. E640
For muscle development and weight building. Read more


Mystem Mass provides a calculated and concentrated (limited) amino acids to improve muscle development.

Specially designed for:
- Horses undergoing training
- Horses that are older and out of shape
- Horses recovering from diseases
- Growing foals

Instructions for use
Adult horses: 100gr (one scoup = 40gr) per day for 3 weeks minimum.
Foals: 50gr per day for three weeks minimum. For optimal use, give in the hours following the effort while ensuring an adequate carbohydrate intake.

Potato protein, Fenugreek (Trigonelle foenum-graecum), calcium carbonate, extract walls of specific yeasts, molasses.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU E640
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