Vet Cellect - ExcellR8 Creme 113 g

Vet Cellect - ExcellR8 Creme 113 g
Nr. VC113

De ExcellR8 leg and joint topical cream for equine use   

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Vet Cellect - ExcellR8 cream

ExcellR8 is a topical cream indicated for the application on the legs and joints for the horses and it is designed to treat overexertion and minor injuries of the hoof, hock, knee, fetlock and pastern joints as well as tendons and ligaments using a physical mode of action.

ExcellR8 is an acellular, biodegradable, biological product that contains several proteins:

• potent antioxidants 
• negative regulators of inflammation and negative regulators of the unfolded protein response in the ER. 
• negative regulators of apoptosis, which will prevent or diminish apoptotic cell deathtriggered by oxidative stress
• components of the extracellular matrix whichwill help alleviate pain by lubricating the joint and factors that have beendemonstrated to recruit stem cells to the site of injury which will facilitateregeneration of the damaged tissue
• activators of chondrogenesis and tissueregeneration which will assist in repairing the damaged cartilage|
• numerous scaffold proteins.

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